Wednesday, February 27, 2013


A bit of the recents: (not in order unless stated otherwise)

Around 2 weeks ago I went out shopping with cousin and she introduced me to Italiannies as they were having a "prosperity" set promotion. It is a 2 course meal, serving an appitizer and main course dish, consisting of their complimentary serving of bread served with balsmic vinegar and olive oil dip. SUPER LOVE the mixture, tastes like dipping in premium red wine. :3 EXCEPT IF YOU USE TESCO BALSMIC VINEGAR OH MY GOODNESS IT IS SO BAD. Cousin and I loved the bread so much and we were literally so upset when people just leave their breads at one side ( I can conclude than here people don't really like bread :( ) I managed to take a plate of bread from the table infront of us before anyone sees us muahahahahaha. Hey I am also doing the restaurant (and the earth) a favour by reducing food wastage alright? Teeheee.

Went back there again last Sunday, cousin's treat as it was her birthday on Saturday. :3 Usually I would be the one who will buy the birthday girl a meal but since she insisted making me a guest I will definitely will not oblige. :DDD

Excuse my body shape of a 12 year old. Was trying to look nice and casual by pairing up with clothes bought just for one occation and a clutch bag I regret buying after realizing it is a replica of Alexander McQueen.

Painted my brittle set of nails at Topshop. Never knew red looks so nice on me. On the other hand, cow pointed that it makes me look like a dracula/whatever blood sucking living thing despite only seeing the remaining, stubborn colourant on my nails.

Knitted cardigan which shares identical looks with the bomber jacket I have been dying to own. 
Hooray to 1 item out of the wishlist! :D 

 Wilted rose which I got from Watsons when I purchased my hair dye. The beauty of the rose just vanished as days went by, following the path of my hopes and dreams. Ah, just go numb now.

Was uncle's birthday yesterday and aunt gave me a huge slice of Mile crepe-- equivalent to 2-3 slices if you purchase by slice at Authur's Hokkaido bakery. :D

Another family outing with momma and the cow. :D Also visited Hiaoyee before we head home. Her Pomeranian, Bobby has gone much fatter! :D :D :D I FUCKING LOVE FAT, FURRY ANIMALS. <3 <3 even though it is unhealthy for them >_< FAT COWS, CATS, DOGS, RABBITS, PIGS, GOTTA FUCK    CUDDLE THEM ALL EVERY SECOND :D

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spoling a movie for you.

Let's start this post bright and gleeful-- 5 more days till CNY ends but it is never too late to have a family reunion with momma and son in law (cow) :D

Watched Together, a movie from HK starring the seemly immortal looking Michelle Chen.

Shall not make anyone to guess because it actually shocks you more that she is actually 30 years old this year @_______@

The movie is not bad, you get a balance of everything, humor, sadness and fap moment whenever Angelababy appears. Oooh, and also a good view of a Chanel haul. :3 :3 :3 I think cow got a bit annoyed when I ooh-ed at her cruise collection bags :X Pssst, I think her tits are starting to sag though ._. First world problems for having huge tits hmm... Stupid cow also kept pointing at me when the forever alone guy criticizes her for being materialistic -___- Really?  -__- After 9 months Y U STILL NO UNDERSTAND ME huhuhuuu T__T

There are 2 main stories in the movie:

(1) Jojo (Michelle Chen) 's fiance ran away on the wedding day and she got into a car accident and a police man saved her. However, Jojo suffers from chronic memory loss while the police man suffers from a condition which paralyses his facial expressions, leaving him poker faced all the time. (Fun fact: this condition REALLY exists. You can see this on depressed people anyway. ) He has a hot girlfriend who always travel around for work and of course, she isn't happy that he couldn't smile. Michelle Chen and Donnie Yen looks a bit mismatched together based purely on looks and the movies they starred in  .___. Impossibly innocent high school sweetheart X Legendary martial arts fighter. Put that in your head lol. And his ex played by Christina something is too slutty for him ._.

Or maybe that's his preference like how Jacky Chan ALWAYS end up with girls young enough to be his daughter. :3

(2) Forever alone police man who is obsessed with pork chop rice meets material freak (Angelababy). Material girl has it all-- a look which can ignite boners, good brains and a decent job... But materialism is her main weakness. They met each other through some Iphone app and the story goes on... She also deals with her cunning boss who always tries to impress her with all the things he has, (and make you feel like kicking his balls) expecially his Lambo sports car. Eeeeeew. Why Bosco Wong is chosen to play this role? So... douchebaggery. So not Bosco Wong IMHO :X

First story is definitely the most interesting one because it is something different among the other romance movies. No one would expect any chemistry between a girl with a memory capacity of a 500mb memory card (quoted from the movie haha) and an physically emotionless man.

I think that the whole movie will be much much, much more interesting if at least one character comes from a poor family. Everyone is rich in the movie, therefore being rich = less obstacles = more time for all the shit in the world = guaranteed sacrifices= less suspense = less romance. If let's say Jojo is poor and no one could pay for her brain operation, we might get to see more tear jerking sacrifices from someone close to her. If Angelababy actually got bankrupt (even though she deserves it) , you can be gloating over the scene where all her Pradas, Chanel and LVs are being moved out from her princessy closet as she burst into tears. Isn't that much thrilling? LOL

Oh, the movie will be less irritating if they reduce the sound effects -__- Come on, your viewers should have the ability to feel the scene themselves, no need for too many unnecessary piano tones and violin music -__-


Just to keep this place alive and happier so kthxbai

Saturday, February 16, 2013

My money collecting trip wtf

Literally haha.

The reason why I went to Penang because my aunt from UK were there for a visit, 5 years after grandma's passing. Only saw my cousins once and never seen my niece/nephew before. They also claimed that they wouldn't come back anymore. (who wouldn't expect that haha) Hence this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see them, unless I can actually save up for a trip there. :X

On the 11th uncle sent me to Central and took a bus to LCC terminal.

Bus pic. :D

Turned out that I was too early at the airport to board on the plane so bought boost smoothies and took 1 hour to drink it as I did people watching. Arrived at Penang at 2.30, dad and uncle just arrived on time. Went to his place and watched Planets of the Apes before heading to dinner at Equatorial hotel.

There were plates of fruit gummies and chocolate coins served at the entrance of the Chinese restaurant . Our family polished off the gummy plates muahahhaa. Even British kids who are too used to high quality/organic /not cheap tasting food loves them lol.

Wouldn't say much about the food because it was pretty bad. The amount of unfresh ingredients used is too damn high that they can chemically combine and explode into rotten bits. -__-

My uncle who recently became anal about the whole halal thing really disturbed the hell out of us. Before that as long as the place serves pork free dishes he doesn't mind. Now, he rather stay in the hotel than staying at my dad's place because he doesn't dare to touch my dad's plates which has served pork -___________________- Just a year not seeing him and suddenly became like this oh god why -____- Oh, I don't think he realized that he ate pork... which is what the Chinese sausage made of. :D

Presenting a few pics of the dinner:

 Pepe, my only niece. Future Emma Watson perhaps? She is sooooo pretty, and she knows it too!

Cousin Mark and long term gf Geraldine. Heard that they were high school sweet hearts awwww.

Ladies, too much sun will do more than good to you. Use protection or regret later.

Sitting beside me was Jonas, the cutest and the shyest among all. (besides Jonas was Ben and my uncle.) When I said hi to him when he first met, he turned his head to his daddy's shoulders (bald guy in pics here) :( Wanted to take a picture but he immediately burst into tears when he saw the camera T___T His dad gave him chocolate coins, helped him to open it and then taught him how to open the other one. Celebrated his success and he gave me a coin! :D Awwww. Kids. They are so pure >_<

Quickly took a sneaky picture before he cries at the camera again. :X

More pics of family:

Dad, uncle and aunt.
Mark and I. Is it me or he has similar features with Adam Lavine? :3 :3 :3

Everyone later went to my uncle's house.

Me, surrounded by people with high quality genes T__T

The woman next to me is my cousin Deborah, she is the mother of the 3 kids! Conclusion?Beautiful mommy produces beautuful kids. Most of the time at least.

12th Feb:

Hair colour faded by two tones T__T The L'occitane shampoo for damaged and dry hair I have been using for a few days messed up my hair badly. The oils ( I suppose) contained in the shampoo made my hair looked as oily as if  it hasn't been washed for a week WTF. And it is sold at 250ml for 79 bucks -__-

Maybe it suits elephant hair. Idk.

Did some visiting at distant relatives' house. Had horrible KFC for lunch. Chicken skin was not crispy at all and soaked in oil omfg. Went to Gurney Drive at night to let the angmohs try local food.

Too much food does make you sleepy :L

It was drizzling that night when we arrived, but it doesn't stop the crowd flooding in the place. No hawker was free to attend to us and install an umbrella at the table so we had to eat under the rain. The whites weren't that happy about it :P

Most of them weren't used to the food, the only food they are okay eating were satay, glutinous balls covered in peanuts(don't know the name -__- ) and herbal jelly.

Sent them to the mall they parked their car and bidded goodbye. But before that..

camwhore-ed with Pepe who loves cats :D I used to have a similar stuffed toy for my very first birthday :D

13th Feb:

Nothing much, just went to Queensbay mall in the afternoon for lunch before heading to the airport.

Moomoo :D


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be my valentines ^^

So today the cow and I went out to celebrate Valentine's day, a day where many, many fucks are given. And so did we haha. No puns intended heeheee. :P Was a pretty ordinary outing, nothing fancy. Lunch at Papa John's, and watched good day to die hard. Holy hell the car stunts. X.X 

Wished I could get him something better but he insisted on MOL points for maple money :X

While I wait for the next cow's bake, which worths more than anything else <3

Sometimes less do mean more, teehee. Would not have realized that, if it wasn't for him :D


Kid: "Mommy, daddy, have you two ever celebrate valentine's?"

Me: "Oh yes sweetie, mommy and daddy even celebrated our first valentine's ever together!"

Kid: "Wow that's soooooo cool! What did you guys do? Tell me tell me! Uhh ohhhh.... " -opens eyes wide-
 (ps: I do think that if I ever breed, my offspring will be quite dirty minded =.=)

Me: "Mommy and daddy went to the mall to hang out and we witnessed a scene where someone jumped off the 6th floor after arguing with her boyfriend."

Kid: ................

And man seriously, fuck each and everyone who posted the picture of the corpse on facebook -___- We all got it, we all know it already, for those who weren't there we saw the CSI themed scene, it is absolutely not necessary for us to be shared the horrible scene with, fuck you very very much. z 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

1st day of CNY.

What other better ways of welcoming the year of snake with random and cute whatsapp messages from the loved one and talking about PSY, politics (both topics were stopped later as the other party claimed that it isn't an auspicious topic to start on this day -___- )and the mystery of internet men's description of BJs as sacred?

While cow is having a quality time with his family, I am here facing 4 small corners of an idiot rectangle in another 4 big corners. Thankfully I have my little bro to keep me company on facebook. Poor kid is alone in Taiwan this CNY. :(

I know it is Feb now, but today is the first day of new year in the Chinese calandar. Therefore my 2013 wishlist is not late. Your argument is invalid. :)

Chanel inspired jersey bomber jacket from anywhere cheap and good // Instax mini 8 in fucking cotton candy pink // either Jeffrey Campbell Damsel in Star and Stripes or Ticket booties // the impossible to reach Louis Vuitton unisex bag which has been on the list since 4 years ago. //

My 2 main wishes aren't part of the list. Maybe I should have classified the above as the materials list than just general wishlist. Now I can't be arsed to edit the picture and re-upload it pffft.

 My main wishes has something to with  dream, hope and love. When you are in love deeply with that someone who could possibly be the one for this life, you want to make permanent, happy memories with them, to have a constant supply of happiness tingling in each others heart, enough until the end of life. You want to create a love legacy which can melt hearts for a few generations to come, don't you..?

So number one will be...

1. Study together.... again.

try spot both of us in the picture. hah. unflattering nyan bastard at most left of second row :D
 We did it before back in primary, and I really want to do it again. He has been missing out in my rest of 5 years of primary school ever since we changed classes and forming my girls group.

I couldn't elaborate how awesome it would be if we could go to the same school(college), being classmates again, and being able to tail him whenever it is right. That moment when we graduate together.... Oh, and also if he could teach me maths -_- haha. What can I describe with for all these to happen, as the next chapter of life turns?

Right now... *sigh* dreams are one step away from being shattered. Dad supports my decision but he isn't the one who is financially capable of sending me there. Mom chooses not to support my education, claiming that the law can't threaten her because she can stop paying after I turn 18. (have this recorded tho)

Either shitty YPC college, or absolutely NOTHING. Start working till I go under the ground.

No actually it would be STILL nothing because she couldn't be bothered with applying for the PTPTN loan. Took the form last month and NOTHING has been done.

My only hopes lie on my pretty much hopeless SPM results and/or assistance from my uncle. This trip to Penang will be the answer to my dreams.

2. going to Ireland, preferably this year. 

Here comes the cliche, cheesy part: The cow has a huge desire to move there mainly for it's natural environment and low population density. The rest shall be kept in between the both of us. When he told me about this, the only thing I thought of Ireland is...

I think is because of those Irish potato fries shops around KL.

I believe many, many of us love birds would want to begin an adventure with the other, exploring parts of the world, leaving marks of love everywhere. Looking for the paradise to settle down and who knows, exchange their vows, walk down the aisle and make mini versions of each other combined?

Ireland is an organized, advance country but yet beautiful. There is something about old European buildings which attracts me. >__<  And the greens oh my god. Go google Ireland and see what am I talking about. The children are so lucky there to have pretty pretty parks/gardens to run around at hee.

Of course, to get to know the place better in every aspect, have to pay a visit and let everything speaks for itself.. especially when it has something to do with future life path.

Speaking of offspring HAHAHAA both of us always tell each other IF and EVER IF we produce offspring, wonder how stubborn the kid will be.

Here will be a collection of data, numbers = stubborn level.

Family members             My family                                             Cow's family

Father                           8888                                                     Unsure
Mother                         99999999999                                       Unsure
Self                              999999                                                  9999999

Offspring = ?????????


Only God knows if I will ever, know the answer..

And both of us think the other is more stubborn than own self -__- I think it is the same, because definitely we won't see our problems any clearer than others who are dealing with us. :P

The reason why I bold the word "preferably this year" because I am turning 18 this year and 18 is the start of being an adult. The start of looking for paths to live on. *gasp* Still can't believe now is the time to I have to start paying medical bills :X

I just feel that, if  and ever ever ever ever everrrrr if it comes true this year it will be a lot, a lot more meaningful. I believe that that trip would be a huge motivation in my (our?) life at this point.

The most beautiful dreams are the hardest to achieve. Oh, the irony of life.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

CNY eve.

Hair update shall come first. Colour faded quite a bit in these few days, making my hair more half fucked than before. :/ Upper part faded to a reddish hue BUT my ends are few shades close to black. >:l

HUAAAAAT ARRRRRHHHH. This CNY let the money flow in my wallet please T_T Hey prosperity god look at my wallet so colourful and attractive come fuck it and ejaculate money pretty pretty please :D attached to the wallet has a minature Be@rbrick and you may have a threesome with it. ^^"~~ I can use part of the money to give my hair a proper do just before college T___T


Painted my nails in glittery maroon with Chanel lacquer. :3


Chinese new year in a day or so. A time to gather with family and other loved ones. (I don't think I need to elaborate more cliche details right? )

This year CNY will be different for me. Had brunch at the kitchen this afternoon and mom was talking on the phone with aunt. There she goes, being one fucking crazy asshead, asking her to ask my cousin if she wants to recieve a red packet from cat, a married, cheating man. (Still dare to say, LOL) She also asked uncle if he minds her daughter receiving food from him, afraid that it would be offensive. .___.

-_____- ...

While chomping on a piece of nutritious wholemeal bread and listening to all those shit, I hired a monkey to enter my brain....
Cheap things never come good, the monkey I hired wasn't professional enough to make noise louder than more things I hear on the phone:

"I had enough, it's meaningless. I am not as stupid as before, always contributing like an idiot."

"Forcing myself to save at least a hundred bucks a month so I can go on a CNY trip next year. Doesn't matter if is just a night at a budget hotel in Malacca, it's something..."

"You people already saw everything. Too bad she can't identify those who really care. Too bad she can't differentiate the good and bad. "


The amount of fuckities is too damn fucking high. Pretty fucking sure that my relatives see me as a hopeless, love struck ass twat. Seems like a lot of them wished they are my mother so they could beat the fuck out of me. Too fucking bad then. No point being there, both parties have to be fake to each other.

 I will bet with my bird shit luck later so I can celebrate first day with cow's Chinese family.

On the bright side, going to Penang in 2 days to visit my long lost relatives from UK :DDDDDD Mostly gonna see my brother too. Coming back just a day before Valentine's day.


Happy Chinese new year to anyone celebrating who is actually reading this post. Treasure the moment with each and every of your loved ones. :3 Please do not eat like a pregnant elephant and regret later.


 voice of messed up oinks. x

Update: mom's red packet reduced by half while aunt's red packet reduced by 80%. .___.  Still, HUAAAAAT ARHHHH HUAT HUAT HUAT. Still money. ^^

Second update: bird shit luck strikes again again and again. Seems like tomorrow is a strictly family members gathering at le cow's family side. Meanwhile, my family's mahjong session got cancelled or it never happened. Cousin's family going out. Don't know about the rest. (Strange that this year it seems like family spirit got stronger in my surroundings :O heh ) 

Either going out to fix my laptop and cut my hair or just... fucking rot at home, thinking of what to do on Maple story after being a blade lord.  <---- BIGGEST GAME ACHIEVEMENT EVERRRRR

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gatsby bubble dye in coconut beige review.

Side note: Realized that this will be the first review in this colour. :3

Went out with le cow yesterday. Bought a box of hair dye before going home. In the first place I wanted Schwarzkopf Freshlight in lemon blonde but a day before going out I found out about Etude House dyes reviews from Filipino bloggers and instantly fell in love with it >_< Went to 2 EH shops and found out that 1. it is sellable in KL too, only ugly colours left. Wanted sweet orange :( and 2. It is more expensive in KL compared to Philippines D: expensive by 10 bucks wtf. (RM40 something)

Took the Freshlight box and wanted to pay. Cow stopped at the Gatsby corner and showed me how he would like his hair dyed silver with ash bleach >___> Was looking at other colours to suggest and suddenly I saw their bubble dye, never know they actually have it. It is much cheaper (Only 23 bucks!),  the colour would turn out the same as Schwarzkopf and in the end, both brands are reputable. Checked the colour scheme and picked coconut beige-- the brightest colour they have at the area and paid for it.

Since this will be my first colour for my virgin hair I don't expect drastic changes like what you get at the salon.. as long as there is colour I am happy. Furthermore, it is the cheapest bubble dye you can find. :O

A male species who doesn't match my definition of cute and looks like a Final fantasy guy.

Let's see what's inside this magic box.

  • manual in English
  • gloves(inside the Jap manual)
  • a bottle of solution
  • a bottle of colour
  • manual in Japanese
  • a comb like nozzle.

The manual is very complete-- it has everything you need to know and it even answers some of your worries/questions. :D 

Procedure as below:
  1. put on Vaseline/oil based cream on hairline/sideburns to prevent stain.
  2. pour colour in the solution.
  3. shake for 30 times mildly, up and down like your mood when you are having period.
  4. change the cap into the comb like nozzle.
  5. wear your gloves
  6. apply from below,
  7. at the back, 
  8. side,
  9. bangs,
  10. then sideburns. Squeeze dye out from the bottle and use your fingers to apply.
  11. leave it around 20-30 mins, not exceeding 40mins and above. 
  12. rinse off dye, then shampoo. Additionally, condition your hair.


 under yellow lighting:

I was worried that the back will turn bad as it is out of sight. Phew. :D

No white light results because my house does not have a single white bulb LOL

Under camera flash:

And here comes the down part-- Unfortunately, my hair has a reverse ombre effect. I don't know what went wrong as I applied the dye on top the last. D: Considering the fact that the box and the manual's illustrations only use male models, I suppose this is a guy product. @-@


facing sunlight on a cloudy day

Black strands :(

The amount of solution seemed more than enough for my thick hair-- but somehow there is a patch inside which isn't coloured at all D: Ahhhh at least it is inside.. T___T

The foam is plain awesome. It doesn't drip at all! Even when you flip and move your hair nothing falls off wtf O_O Before applying I actually laid unused, old manila card on the floor, thinking that it will drip all over the place like water. Gatsby has added an aqua fruity scent to the dye, which makes the procedure much pleasant than conventional dyes. Fume stung my eye a bit at a bearable level. Scalp was given peace, no irritation at all.


Colour-- 4/5 pig knuckles

Overall, the colour turned out much brighter than I and the colour chart on the box predicted. Huge surprise :D There are times where my hair looks exactly like what is predicted on the box.

Look at the colour chart and see what are the results supposedly on black hair. :D

Despite the dark bottom part, I have to say.. if the colour above my hair is possible to achieve, it pretty much tells the dye's ability to give a bright finish. I recommend users to massage the whole head consistently throughout the time waiting for it to process,which I think contributes to a brighter finish than predicted. Of course, credits also go to the bleach inside the mixture. And I noticed that sometimes my hair has a orange-y red hue. Feels like buy 1 colour free 4 hah. ^^

 Oh, DON'T use your fingers as if like straightening your hair or else the dye won't work.

Spread of colour--2.5/5 pig knuckles

The reverse ombre tells it all :( Also, there are strands which seemed darker for some reason. Don't know this should fall under the cons because hey I can has highlights ._. Not sure if is a defect of product or just me.

Damage level-- 1/5 pig penis

Guess Gatsby is pretty confident with the extra hair care ingredients will do without the need of providing a pack of conditioner. Hair feels harder than usual but just after shampoo the softness came back :D Didn't use conditioner cause I don't have one :X Who knows, maybe the Pantene damage control shampoo also contributed to the softness? :D idk.

Value for $$ -- 4/5 pick knuckles

Works better than overrated Liese for sure. Highly recommended for virgin black/dark brown hair. Very, very easy to apply. No matter how clumsy you applied the dye things will sure go well. :3 Suitable for cheapskates and clumsy people like me.

Pretty much about it.

Friday, February 1, 2013

One of a kind


Typically my blog(s) will only consist of fucked up personal shit and a very small amount of happy(or should I say, normal) thoughts/moments. I then realized it does somehow reflects me as a... true pessimist. But I will never admit my pessimism at that extent. :X

Time after time even after neglecting people I love (cow :( ) because of handling my wired up feelings and hurting him later I will still repeat my fucking mistake again. -__- Haih pig, sure cow's stubbornness is absolutely no child's play, and nothing and no one can convince him ever but only hinself. , you are a prickly stubborn ignorant hell of a cunt yourself because at least the cow does not hurt pierce you with it's horns while heavily objecting your opinions.

Today is city day, went out with dad and his gf. Quite surprised at the amount of people, Sunday's crowd was much better than this. Maybe because people's wallets are half burnt for the new clothes already by now. Sales everywhere! I think despite shopping in Taiwan and Hong Kong during sales is as though having many, many Adam Lavines posing half naked with everything pretty and marked down in heaven, what KL has to offer isn't that bad. At least better than Australia. BIG SALES!!!! ONCE IN A YEAR CRAZY SALES!!!!
Up to a whooping figure of 20 percent discount.

But they are pretty rich people so why bother hah.

Back to the topic, the main deal of this post will be a haul, which appears as often as a meteor fall.

 To be honest I told myself today I shopped so much till I forgot my mother's name. (typical chinese style of exaggeration) I know to the average homo sapiens this is nothing but it is a lot of me. Simply because, I am the most stingy person in the universe. No one can beat me HAHAHA. -__- Not proud of that because I indeed feel stupid sometimes when I think of things can be bought with a stated amount of money. For example when I see the price tag of a shirt at 63 bucks I will immediately think of the things AND EVEN GROCERIES I can buy with the amount when I don't even buy things like that at all. WTF BRAIN. WTF. I really need some self righteous assholes to tell me off, perhaps I would wake up from this retardation. Hopefully.

Super grateful that dad insisted on buying CNY clothes for me even though I profusely refused for the past few weeks :') Thanks dad. :D

My taste buds and brain were heavily stimulated by the fried oysters coated in terriyaki sauce.... splashed into the green tea I had to drink as I was cutting it.

Enough of shamming myself. Yay or nay, I shall display my buys here proudly like any self conscious female blogger will do because I believe I have made pretty awesome choices today. :DDDD

A transparent top from Zara. I like transparent tops because it confuses my brain, giving it an illusion that I look smaller and thinner. .__. But the main thing which attracts me to grab it off the hangers is simply because-- it is so me. The pug (excuse my terrible knowledge of dogs) print gives an edgy look on mint sheer. The studs add a bit of a wow factor only when I place my hair to the back. To sum it up, it is one statement piece, and I love everything pretty, special... and definitely, discounted.

Coral coloured jeans from Uniqlo. IMO coloured jeans = one of the necessity in a closet.

Next would be the biggest steal I ever got in the entire history of my closet.

Was there because dad wanted to buy some casual shirts while his gf wanted to get sleepwear. Thinking that I had enough for the day, aimlessly went around looking at the mens' side. I think FOS is not bad--- and it is way easier to shop there because the store is best described.. simplified. Trendy and the nerdy styles are separated from each other so you know where to go. Good for males who don't like comparing the whole mall like we girls do. Literally an all in one stop-- that is if their collection of the season is good.

They even have brands like Pull&Bear, H&M, Zara and even classy gentleman looking Ralph Lauren shorts. WHY THE FEMALES HAVE LIMITED BRANDED CHOICES, as limited as food source of a wombat? :((( Almost everything female are random small brands. Passed by the jeans area to see if they have cheap Levis like the gents. Was about to turn away seeing cheap looking(the typical you see at the market-- dull navy blue stone textured with childish embellishments and embroidery) until this acid washed pair caught my eye. Picked it up,."EH?"Brain lighted up. O_O what is it doing here being sexy? It really looked lost at the stash of jeans lol.

Then I flipped the brand card and realized it is 7 for all mankind.


My eyes then aimed at the size sticker. 26. That's my size! It's calling for me :DDDDD

And that was the only moment where my expensive taste worked on me.

I came across this brand from the bread&butter store long time ago. Anything, even if it is just denim NOTHING does not come cheap at all from the store. In KL, price jumps from 900 bucks for denim pants, thanks to the taxes and profit margin, whatsoever. Yes they do have cheaper ones but seems like the range available here is limited.

There is a reason why many people are crazy over overrated and madly overpriced jeans. Even pretty poker face Kristen Stewart, meant to be for a gigolo role Ashton Kutcher and nobody-gives-a-shit-about-her-placenta Kim K raves about the brand. The jeans are freaking soft and fits anyone perfectly like a glove! Levis is just as bad as ready to wear sandpaper compared to this.

And I got it for..

63 bucks at factory outlet store.

Super happy because it really  complies to my adhere-- dress expensive, cheaply.

Expose your roaring ego that it tells you to flaunt your discounted luxury goods and make you tell related people that you splurged on it like a queen.

Ending this post with 3 pictures of me trying hard to be demure in my over sized giraffe pullover.