Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The gap

Yeap, 3 months since I have posted.

Whether it is a short of a long period of time definitely depends on how one sees it. But one thing for sure, many could happen in such a time frame.

I wasn't at home for 3 days (and also experienced my first night out with friends till the wee hours, nothing to brag about I know but it feels as if I had sex for the first time -__- ) Came back home yesterday, had quite a number of things in my head and remembered about this poor little space which I used to ramble and ramble and ramble things no one wants to/can hear :p

So here are some main updates on my life I wish to jot down.... continue scrolling at your pleasure.

For the past 3 months have been doing freelance jobs... mostly promoters haha. My first one was not quite a good experience, got fired on that day itself because one of the bosses mistakenly hired flyer girls to promote their beverages -____- But on the bright side? Met a couple of friends whom I still contact until today.

souvenir from the fair. HAHA. 
I can still remember one of the most torturing days of my life two days after working for this fair. Trust me, joint infection falls in the catagory of the 100000 things you should never experience in this life.

Straight after I recovered I worked at the PC fair with a close friend of mine, Gary selling Dell laptops. Had completely zero sales on the first two days but offended a few staff on the last day because I sold 2 Alienware laptops on that day. Overall, still managed to get along with everyone. Boss was pleasant to work with too.

Cute guy y u no wanna talk to me T______T too cocky for a girl like me perhaps?
Few weeks later got this job at Lowyat-- the most popular one stop IT centre in town which I have been to twice in my entire life as a promoter for some stupid cash back program. Fucking loved my first week, no one supervised me and my other colleague, we were the boss for ourselves. My colleague went to a rally on Saturday, disappeared for 4 hours and no one knew. (Y)

Also learnt the another meaning of the word snake because many people started to call me queen of snakes. HAHA. FYI: when people there said you have been snaking, that means you are slacking off at work. LOL. At that week I really felt as if my employer is only paying me to have fun wtf.

Conclusion? Boys there are pretty freaking despo. It is really mind blowing to think back on that week I will have someone asking for my number every single day -___- I hate what I attract sometimes. Argh

I did continue the job for another 2 weeks which has been really dull overall. Got fired on my last week, 3 days before the project is over haha. Seriously too lazy to do anything. -__-

But just before getting fired, got a job offer from Dell hahaha so I wasn't that unhappy, infact, I was so glad I finally could get a couple days off to chill and shop. :P


Decide to only start college next year because by then I can apply study loans myself without needing to care of what people say. Problem solved.

At the same time, I will also earn some cash, hopefully to have some allowance for my studies. After all, I really have no idea what on earth should I study.

Gosh, if I am a boy, I wouldn't bother and quit studying. -sigh-


We broke up. Simple as that.

I didn't see it coming. I thought this could be the one last time where I have to readapt to someone. There's no right or wrong to this. Yes, I know that my decision could possibly screw up my love life and take away the chance of starting a family in the future (if I actually wish for one) but sometimes you can't always stay on your logical side. I do owe you many things, I do thank you for every single sacrifice you have made to make us stay together but somethings are just beyond tolerable to me. The little things that happened for the past few months has slowly hurt me more from just emotionally to both emotionally and spiritually. You might see this as whole loads of fucking bullshit, thinking that this is some kind of ridiculous excuse I use to protect myself but no. For the last few months my heart was slowly dying off. I kept my head in the game, but my heart wandered off.

All I can tell myself is who knows, one day, if we are really meant to be as told, we will unite someday.


There's more to my love life (considers? heh) but I decide to separate into a more casual post. Till then.

Thanks to anyone who is still reading this page too despite the hiatus, I really love you all. <3