Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Contemplated to apologize for vanishing in such a.... nevermind..

Here is an un-glam photo of me with horribily stained green tongue from Moutain Dew Slurpee le cow bought 2 days ago when we went out. Imagine what does the excitingly tasting mixture of chemicals do to the pig's and the cow's many many intestines after dancing in our mouth...

This day also marks our 8 monthsary! Yay! <3 Don't everyone like long lasting relationships? That amazing feeling when you feel comfortable with someone, and you know that you could always be so. The beautiful feeling of always wanting to give back the love to that special someone, for all those endeavors.  It is indeed a precious gift :)

Now I have another reason to abandon this blog--

Maple story.


The cow suggested that I play the game so we could chat there and neither of us will feel neglected.

Thinking that it is actually a good activity to bond so I agreed.

At first I created an account with the best username everrrrr: fappingpig. Cow asked me to choose Aran and let me alone to die FML.

Upon logging in I was like OMGGGG so prettyyyy X.X Feels like I could literally live there haha. Finally put my graphic card in good use lol.

First was just okay... I managed to find out that I need to manually refill my HP and MP.. and press X to stab things.. But after my 3rd phase (going through portal 3 times, hunting monsters in 3 different places) I kept dying IMMEDIATELY as soon as one mushroom hit me. At that point my level was less than 10 and the mushroom was 10. By right even though the monster has a higher level I should be able to fight, just need more time slashing them to death.. so what went wrong?

And the reviving part is frustrating. Each time I die I will be sent to a "town nearby".

The place is really messy, with shit loads of people flying around. Took me awhile to get used to all the flashy effects people have x.x The whole place is like a flashing LED light, blinding your eyes. What's worse was there is NO guide for this game at all -- Cow claims that it is common sense so therefore there's no use for it. I personally think that the reason why there is no guide prepared for you (apart from the introduction about basic info such as HP, EXP etc) is because there is no defined way to play. Perhaps you can choose to fight your way (and throw all the money) to the maximum level, 200 or you can just fight cute stuff casually.

Yes, I know there is a level up guide. But to me it served no purpose because I simply couldn't understand the language of it. -_-

Due to the restless complains and rants, the cow got fed up and ask me to quit LOL. T__T

FML I am really bad at games-- ALL FREAKING TYPES. Whether it is under the catagory of sports, video games, PC games, online games and even arcade games T_______T Which is why my cousin LOVED doing all these with me so she will win all the time blah T__T

Back then when I was a kid I do play games, but it is only things which are considered free style? Like SIMS and roller coster tycoon where you don't have to stick to millions of laws. It is impossible to die in SIMS (not sure about 3 and other versions, if they exist, coz I stopped at 2) because YOU are under control. However, you will get bankrupt in roller coster tycoon if you don't handle your finances well :X

I admit, I am not the type of person who likes to follow rules unless it is compulsory and has it's own vital purpose to the community, country and the world. I hated following school rules, especially when it comes to the fringe issue-- (only locals and Singaporean students will get this, lucky bitches) I don't understand how clipping up my fringe will make me a better and more successful person, which is ALWAYS the reason teachers give. Then they will say, "You should have always clip it up! Now you look pretty!" when you look bald like you went for chemotherapy. This scenario is much worse when applied on plump/fat chicks which automatically enlarges their face 10 times bigger and also acne prone skin/ girls who have bad scars who have low self esteem. I always pity them <__<

School. Where they taught us everybody lies.

So don't talk about rules which exist in a fiction game.mething  I SHOULD be able to escape from reality in fantasy places. Come on, I turn off half of my brain functions and dive deep in to the fantasy world just to undergo the 987654321345678987654578998765 barriers you set up? Fuck you ^__^

I started playing again around 2 weeks ago or so, signed up on their latest character dual blade, under my perfectly customized username-- verylostpig. Creating this 2nd account made me realized what went wrong in the other account--

I didn't change my weapons as I leveled up.

-elephant foot on my forehead-

Visiting other countries with huge language barriers is NOTHING compared with navigating in Maple brings more frustration than ever. -____- Maybe I am just stupid, but how do I know when nothing shows me the directions I should go? Most of the levels stop giving you keyboard directions. Some places have the world map AND navigation disabled.

It feels as bad as getting lost in North Pole with a broken GPS.

I really don't know if this is a mandatory phase while playing strategy games like this even until level 50, or I am plain dumb.

And yes, I reached level 50 by now! :D Fought everything with my poor sore fingers, with the help of cow when it comes to navigation and advice where to go. :3 The mushroom kingdom quest was fun.

Yesterday I lost count how many times I died -___- 10 times in my first hour playing wtf


I am STUCK again. Unfortunately.

I don't know where to go. I honestly don't feel like doing a party quest. Socially akward pig is more socially awkward online. But if I don't do there is nothing useful I can do. -__- Can't even find a guide for it which is not outdated FML. I found an outdated one, spent at least 5000 mesos on a plane ticket and ended up being told off by the cow, saying that the quest doesn't exist anymore zzzzzzzzzz

Which is also why I am here. Can't deny that because of maple, I didn't feel as bored as before.

Here I shall share thoughts I had while playing.


2. AWWWWW so cute how could I kill them T__T (that was at the pig land. Yes, literally commited suicide HAHA) 

-pig knocks me and HP shoot down-

REALLY? -starts slashing like a madafaka-

3. I am a hero?

4. STFU PLZ why are you so troublesome? (Seriously, some characters are troublesome as fuck. You help them once, then later on you have another few requests from that person.)

5. UNGRATEFUUL BASTARDS GO TO HELL o0o (Yes, had this thought at Singapore. In maple the singaporeans are major douches and expect tourists to help them in their daily tasks. When you refuse to help them they turn ugly and start calling you a loser etc. )


as I level up each time.

7. Oh boy.. now I understand why many people (usually gamers) rather spend hundreds (or even thousands) on keyboards, mouse and a dual screen. Before that I kept calling the cow crazy when I know exactly how much le cow spent on his mouse + keyboard; and knowing the fact that now he has TWO 40 inch LED TV in his room as his computer screen.

Now I understand why.

15 percent of my deaths is caused by lagging keys.

When I go on maple I can't do other things.

Having a big screen = bigger pleasure too.

So girls.. unless your geeky boy couldn't balance his priorities, let him be. Poor functioning items as mentioned will cause more rages than you think.


9. I don't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me...

Usually I would be too busy and not picking up the money on the floor left by dead monsters. Man I wish stacks of money could lie on the floor IRL.

-sigh- ...

10. I really don't know what am I doing. Period.


Still a pretty good bonding alternative. We can travel around the world virtually and have matching pink sweaters and puppy shoes.  Tried to stay fashionable, clicked on all the gifts to collect clothes and ended up having not enough space for important weapons. Yesterday cow threw almost all my pretty clothes away T__T was kind of sad because what if, I need variety? T__T Vanity at it's best. Cow brought me to plastic surgery and did my hair so I look more fuck-able on maple to the mushrooms. My character will say 'I am stupid' when it uses a certain power thanks to him and I have no idea how to change it. Yea, these are the little things which are fun to me.

If only this game doesn't eat up my brains that much...

Or maybe if and only.. I grow some brains.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

double kill

Lately a few things come to me until I don't know if I should laugh or... I seriously don't know. My life is like literally the biggest troll, ever.

Somewhere at some time I met the troll halfway, he instantly fell in love with my imbalanced, electrifying eyes. He couldn't get over that poker face of mine. I caught his eye, among millions of people in the world. He portrayed me as his goddess, the love of his life. He also thinks that I need someone to always be with me because I am special. He instantly concluded that, he could be the one for me. So here comes the troll tailing at the back of me. He knows that I don't like it, but when the time is wrong, he will go..

I feel as confused, and somewhat lost with no words could describe. I can neither tell you how it is nor how it feels like. It isn't something traumatic, but..yea.

When I tell people I am the only child in my family, usually they will reply with,

"Awwww, your parents princess!"

"Oh, no wonder, so spoilt/clumsy/blur/unalert" (insert any other stereotypes)

Or just envy from people who have siblings (of course, people around my age) and their complains of their siblings and double standards from their parents.

Like many kids around, I will have that phase of desperately wishing for a sibling. A permanent companion to play with. Kids, what the hell do we know? Mummy and daddy have been playing a game of treasure hunt with you, hide the debts somewhere, in a treasure box, just deep enough for you to discover it when you get older, heh.

17 years later I only realized my wish has came true long time ago.

Enough said.

So yeah I have to change my introduction: I am the youngest child in my family. I have a step bro and step sis at 27 and 25 years old respectively. My bro (uhhh.... ) looks just like my dad haha. Might meet him this CNY. Hmm. As for my sis no news of her.

Truthfully I wasn't that mindfucked because I remember dreaming about dad telling me this. IKR wtf @___@

For me the only slight unfortunate part is I didn't get to bond with them at all, now they are too old for me to hang out with <.<

On the bright side?

1. At least my wish did came true.. just that I never knew then. LOL

2. Didn't have to share my stuff. Sharing is caring, yes, but I don't wanna share everything, especially a room  and a computer :X  All the porn inside! JK. I just mind about privacy. Only child privilege heh. :X

3. Most importantly, no mind fucking double standards. = less arguments in the house = peace.


Went to the hospital again for a follow up appointment by my previous idiotic, ignorant doctor last year. Initially I refused because I instantly lost hope with the service I got. Turns out that the doctors in the sports department (wtf, yes, sports. Someone who barely does sports actually had to be there) are changed every week :O *phew*

I am glad to be attended by someone who you will automatically call a professional. K my blood test results are out..

The doc said everything is fine, except that I am rheumatoid positive. He called the rheumatologist immediately because it is usually linked to other medical issues (shit.) but the department wanted a recommendation letter (something liddat) so have to wait for the hospital to send an appointment letter to my doorstep. Funny right? Why can't they just call .__.

The pig is diagnosed w rheumatoid arthritis.

So how did I take the news?

I didn't show expression on the outside. but inside I was like wtfwtfwtfwtfwtf. Basically, this described how I was perfectly.

Realized how we often think in memes now? @__@

Too young to get it? You are wrong. It can happen to anyone at any age.

Most epic part? Only 1 percent of the population gets it. No cure, only steps to delay the process of fucking me up. God I am so fucking lucky. Bless all the leprechaun in the parallel universe.

One thing I find a bit.. amusing (???) is that in HUKM, there will be a flock of medical students surrounding you will look like your audience in your drama show. All 6 pairs (the last visit there were more) of eyes will be locked at you, and when the doctors say something, everyone reacts. When the doc announced my *cough* flattering results everyone behind had their jaws dropped. Someone even ooh-ed at it. .__.

I can't say I am a positive person. I admit, I am considered negative. :(  But I know the consequences of it-- the main one is hurting my loved one. Therefore in these two years I tried to find the bright sides/parts of the whole situation. Telling myself, it could have been worse. Or point out random stupid things around me. There are many ways to be more optimistic, if you can't take any lies to yourself. :D In the end, everything is in your hands. You will be the one who choose the path to go. You are the only one who can make yourself happier in the situation.

However, I have much hope that rheumatoid arthritis can be cured completely in the future-- look at how technology fly sky high :D

that's all folks, toodleees

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beijing day four.

During my last day in Beijing, my first stop was the place in the picture below. No idea what is it's chinese name as it wasn't in the list.

Basically this place is described as the main source of good feng shui of that area, which contributes to good fortune for the business premises around the area. Inside this building is where they give you a rough idea of feng shui. Also a place to buy zodiac jade statues/pendants/charms. There will be a feng shui lecturer helping you to match a suitable zodiac jade for you, choosing the right colour, size and animal. He or she will also suggest to you the ideal places to place your statue. The main rule is if you have a big/medium statue, you must have a small/mini one to make things work.

Outside the place.

Walked across a few dangerous, polluted streets to this commercial area, Qianmen Emperor's Avenue. In the middle of the walkway has an abandoned train track. This place was damaged during a protest, but few years back the government rebuilt the place exactly according to old pictures and plans. in conjunction of Beijing Olympics.

 Pretty halo. ^^

Their Uniqlo also had anniversary sales and it's much much cheaper than in K.L ! Two places I realized which is cheaper than in K.L -- Starbucks and Uniqlo.  Still regretting for being stingy, I actually refused to spend 40 bucks on a checkered tee, come back to K.L saw it's special price at 79 FML

Giant pots of roses along the streets. Can't help but...

Displaying my face around it to lend it's beauty HAHAH.

We only spent 2 hours there. Driver then later drove us to the Southeast corner tower of the city wall around ancient city of Beijing to take iwasthere pictures. You can also see the remaining ruins of the place. For more information and facts scroll to the next picture below.

What a beautiful place isn't it? I love the golden carpet of leaves. :3 This is my last picture taken in China, but  we visited a few stops before heading to the airport. From there, we went back to the Olympic park area, but to the Olympic sports center. This is the place where current and retired sports players seek Chinese medical service during or before their games, as drugs(medicines) are prohibited before and during the game.  Went there for foot massage. This time I lied about my age so I wouldn't miss out that experience, afterall, I am only few months away from turning 18. It was more pleasurable than I thought though, as usually back then at home, mom uses the strength of 9 cows and 2 tigers to apply pressure on points on everyone she volunteers to massage wtf -____-

After the whole massage thing,visited another jade store next door -____- What's different about this one is this shop is more focused on pearls, as pearls are their main specialty. So here are 3 fun facts learnt from there: to identify real and fake pearl necklaces, rub two pearls on the string and see what happens. Real pearls will produce some powder but yet, will not be scratched. The rounder the pearl, the more expensive it is. The most rare and expensive colour is not black, but gold. :D

The manager brought us to some so called VIP room to lure our money hahah.

 Your gateway to burning your pockets.

 Just displays of more jades and pearls I am not interested with. However, there's one thing I like the most about this place....

Yes, the mirror heh -__-

Last stop was the worst of the worst places ever. Silk Street. A place which ONLY sells fake branded stuff. But hell, the fake stuff sold there look exactly like the actual ones. You seriously can't tell most of the time. I like a few luxurious brands, but I despise fake stuff. I rather NOT get the luxurious but fake piece I fall in love with. So therefore, no pictures of the place. The shittiest part was we actually have to spend 3 fucking hours there before heading to the airport. Cousin bought a fake Swarowski case which is really pretty, as glittery as the one we saw at the Swarowski shop in Pav x.x I only find buying fake branded iPhone cases acceptable because they look EXACTLY the same and made of same material hah.

And here's a MAIN tip shopping there: Whoever who did not bargain while shopping, you are officially declared brain dead -___- Because the cunning shop owners will purposely mark their stuff at a very high price and challenge you to bargain with them. Honestly I don't know what are they thinking. Sure, they wanna make a higher profit out of their sales but, why don't you mark it higher and just let it be? Why want your customers to waste time and bargain? It pisses people off, and I believe that they already lost a sum of potential customers for that. Ain't nobody got time for that yo.

If you see something you like, and that bitchy shop staff refuses to offer your ideal price, leave, and go to the next shop. The shops in one department there will sell almost the same things.

After getting really bored with the surroundings, we explored the subway station. Then headed to KFC to try theirs. Still better than Malaysian KFC -__- What franchise which Malaysia will not ruin? -___-

Arrived KL on the 31st, 9 something in the morning.

Overall.. Beijing is just okay. Visiting the great wall, one of the seven wonders in the world makes it a meaningful visit. This place isn't my dream country but it still gives me a lot of wonderful experiences.

Okay here's a list of advice/tips of the trip:

  • Do not go if you are allergic/sensitive to dust. The air here is extremely polluted. Choose another cleaner destination instead.
  • Do not choose an ancient tour if you want a balance of both. For me I was lucky that the management at the tour company made a huge mistake on the third day which is why I get to go shopping. (or maybe is some tactic to increase commission  idk, but it is a serious mistake) -- Supposed to spend a whole day at a palace wtf, where you can actually finish in 1 hour plus to 2. 
  • Do not come here straight away during the winter season if you have not experienced winter. Start of with somewhere mild, like Hong Kong and Taiwan. Slowly go to colder places like Japan (depends where, some places aren't that cold and don't snow at all. ) then only head to icy hell. Actually visit Melbourne is also good enough to experience cold, especially the times when they have four seasons in one day, which is awesome :D I miss Australia <3
  • While climbing the great wall, stick to your limits, especially if you have health issues.
  • Unless you are on a really tight budget, try not choose Air Asia for long distance flights. Not everyone is lucky to get on a partially occupied plane where you can switch places and occupy 3 seats for the ultimate comfy sleep. During my flight back to K.L it was stuffy, cramp, to sum up one word, horrible :( 
  • Invest on good quality warmers and other winter wear. Not only to suit the harsh cold weathers but also you can reduce clothing when visiting less cold places.
  • Have many friends and family members awaiting for your souvenir? Afraid it will eat up a large amount in your expenses? No worries! You can find many dirt cheap but practical (durability is another story...) souvenirs there :D 

Here marks the end for my Beijing trip post.

AND HEY I REACHED MORE THAN A 100 VIEWS! HI READERS! Okay it isn't a lot for a month old blog, but I am grateful for that as I don't share this blog to people I know (only 2 exceptions.) Thank you all :3  Readers, come drop a comment and say hello! I won't bite, promise :)

toodles :D

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Almost, every fucking time before I come here I would have shit loads to say, and many many hopes that I would finish a blog post for all the crickets and myself to see. But sadly, that rarely happens. Bakers who failed to crack their heads to dig out ingenious ideas for recipes will claim they have a bakers block. While I have a blogging block bleh. Which also explains the short hiatus. The reasons/excuses/possibilities (you judge) I have when I have this blogging block are:

1. I forgot how I felt towards someone/something by the time I get here.

2. I have no pictures T_T Taking pictures is a great aid for my memory capacity of a dory fish. Most of the time when I see pictures I have took I can recall the incident/place/memory better. Either I so happen did not have my camera at hand or I was just lazy T_T

3. Limited expressions of emotions AND words. Can't really put my feelings in words properly. Already have problems showing emotions on my face FML. I am often complained about how my poker face irritates and shows withdrawal in a matter. It frustrates me sometimes. Heck, when people get angry, they shout, scream, insult, throw things while I just... sit there, do nothing and don't show a single fuck. <__< I wonder if there are anyone out there who has this problem.. except psychopaths <__<

But this time, YAY. I know exactly what to write this time haha. I shall warn anyone reading this that this is gonna be one mothafucking long post with no pictures at all. Skip when you can't stand me. :3

So here are some updates from my own reality series! You have been waiting for long to gasp and hiss at this haven't you? Move on from the rich and glamourous or funny and chaotic households..


-theme song plays. dunno what to play but i think won't back down by eminem's good. k song plays.-

And as the song plays, your screen will introduce me to you, standing in the big O! O for orgasm, AH AH AH..

Okay I don't know why am I being lame -_- The photo is 3 years old my god. Move on to serious shit.

*around 1 week/1 week plus ago*

 Dad called mom to talk about my college. Unfortunately, it seems that the insurance bad luck daddy has been paying can't cover up all the fees. Thankfully, we are only short of a few thousands. 2-9k all consider as few thousands, he has no idea how much he can take out and how much exactly he left out so yeah... O_O  And also questioned on our super duper awesome relationship. Mom thinks that I defaced her LOL, I don't know my mistakes (It is more towards her) and I am playing dumb. (WHUT.) She then claimed that, the bull isn't a problem and if, I apologize, everything will be.. err.. fine. She will pay.

What? I have to fucking apologize for something I did not start with? Who was the one who does not handle things in a diplomatic, mature way and screamed at a emotional intelligence of a big fat hairy hog? As someone who is always said to have been raised with morals, I was, and have been very honest, stating that what is more wrong? Dating someone who is in a different race and religion (ugh) or dating someone's husband AND father?

If you really fucking respect your religion then you should not have done such a thing. An excuse of "mutual agreement on companionship?" Oh really? Explain the shaving cream, shaver and Gatsby gel in your toilet then ^_^

As for my side... Fuck this. I have to go against my values, rip my poor, developing pride off; just in order to get into college.

You might think, hey at least you can go right? Not like you have to earn for it, or can't go at all...

True, but I am NOT surprised if I land in one of the 2 positions above. After being raised by her for 17 fucking years only just recently I see the other side of her I never knew existed. The other side of the loving, humorous, strong single mother no one will see in her. The other disgusting, heartless, hypocrite of a fucking maniac will plant a question mark in anyone's head who knows her, and that question mark will still glow under your grave. I wished I know why she suddenly turned like this, or why she decided not to show her true self to her own daughter since day one of birth. Disappointed, shocked, but I have slowly learnt not to give a fuck.

Sooooooo conclusion. I refuse to do something like this which pulls me down and raise the bitch's chair higher. OH FUCK YOU, AND FUCK NO. I INSIST NOT.

After many persuasion from dad, cat and even the bull for many days, the pig finally surrendered, unwillingly. Apologized at night. Because don't have to look at her or show body language mehehe -_-  Mom asked if I mean it or doing for the sake of it -_- as expected zz Then she said we can't get along if the pig and cow are still one. In my heart I was like go fuck yourself please. We can never get along if this fucked up double standard exists in this household. I replied only with a k and entered my room -_- Feeling more defeated than ever z

The next day woke up at 12 something (it has slowly became a habit naturally.. ) Mom offered me porridge O_O okaaaay strange. But meh at least have food.

Decided to move to dad's place for 3 days, moved out the next day. Currently dad lives in a condo in Puchong, where he calls the black area. @_@ Even though he claims that his place isn't safe (and no wifi >.<) I have freedom as he doesn't want to leave me alone in the house when he and his gf works.

The next day afternoon dad sent me to his place and he left for work for awhile. His living room is pink @_@ like, Barbie pink. .__. Shocked at the colour choice but it is actually painted to match his curtains and furniture he had long ago. Food supply woohoo. Finished half a pack of Lays heh. Took a good investigation of the contents in the fridge and ate all the Austrian truffles :P

Watched Hangover 2 and Grown Ups. Hangover 2 was a complete disaster, a true disappointment. I expected it too be funny as the first one but did not laigh through out the whole movie at all, not even once. However the second movie contains more surprise elements than the first. Wonder how would the third one will be like? :O

And of course Grown Ups will be your typical family movie. Nothing much to say about that. Still, a funnier movie than Hangover 2 >_<

The second day went to the bull's house. Spent a day being intimate and watch movies. His mom suddenly became a bitch and didn't allow us to close the door -__- Third time coming to his house and all of a sudden .__. Meh. Made Nutella S'mores cheesecake together but didn't get to try it. The Nutella S'mores cheesecake is more like a fool proof one from a chocolate S'mores cheesecake recipe I saw on a culinary blog. Unfortunately bull's blow torch went out of gas and service later so according to him there was a hard layer on the top of the cake instead. :l

Dad actually allowed me to go to Curtin without mommy knowing. But of course if she finds out I shall be fucked inside out. Still, come at me bro. :3

Spent a boring Sunday morning before going back after dinner.

Momma introduced me a job vacancy, applied and currently waiting for them to call.

Okay that's pretty much about it... yea.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Beijing day three.

Started the journey much earlier than usual as we were going to the great wall. Before that, stopped by a jade factory/wholesale store.

Here is a badly taken picture of types of stones.

One of the jade sculptures the company sent for competitions.

Saw staff/artists <--- I think they should be called that more than staff carving jade.

As usual no one is interested but it is all part of a cheap tour + tour guide's way of getting commission here and there. Nothing interests me more than listening to an aussie asian family with their accents oohlalah. @_@

Headed to the great wall straight away. It was a long drive but got to see a different side of Beijing-- passed by a western looking area before arriving the great wall, that place is beautiful. <__< The ruins of an abandoned train track and yellow leaves carpeting the ground makes that place an ideal place for... wedding pictures >_<

Smiling at myself.

Move on to my experience of climbing the great wall... Blah. It was super cold = lower oxygen level. The strong wind makes it even harder to breathe. Wouldn't recommend anyone, especially clumsy penguins like me to visit during the winter. Unless that is a challenge set by yourself then go ahead haha.
Here is a selca and do allow the other pictures to do the talking.

The right tone of lighting, the right background but... wtf was I thinking posing like that with the half smiling half unknown emotion? -__- This is taken in one of the castles/stops/whatever you name. Wanted to take a second shot but the place was so cramp x.x as other tourists start to flood the place. The step I was stepping in the picture was higher than my knees @_@ Wanted to climb up to see but no guts to climb down wtf.

Based on my physical level I think that I... shouldn't be proud of my achievement of climbing only 2 and a half parts of the great wall over the 733790202191 tombs/whatever is it, blah. Of course, it is impossibru to go through all the parts as some are closed down for safety purposes. My knees weren't in the best condition on that day too.

Nevertheless, got the keychain above. I have climbed the great wall! :DDD but no need to ask about the phase I stopped at hah -__-

Next stop: Olympic park. Just to far view the important buildings during the Olympics 2008.

Candid. I don't know why did I facepalmed about.

Oh, this is the bird nest stadium. :D

Water cube aquatic centre.


A better looking tourist picture of the bird nest.

Some coperate building which supposed to look like a dragon. What? Looked more like a llama to me :P

Visited the tea house below.

Their specialty is Pu Er tea. Here would be a good place to buy fine quality Pu Er tea leaves for drinking and for investment :O Yes, like pure natural jades, you can make an investment on tea leave. O_O The older the Pu Er leaves, the higher the quality and the pricier it will be. Another alternative is buying the tea pack back and sell to your local Chinese medical hall, which will pay much more than what you paid. In K.L, Hai O buys Pu Er leaves from people and sell them double or even triple the price >_<

They also sell other flavoured teas. Love their fruit tea the most. The fruitiness in one cup is too damn high. Best part? Is au naturale. :D Marked at a price tag of 200 ringgit means that sadly, (same goes to other teas, apart from Pu Er) I could not take one box home. :(

At a Pu Er display area. Some on my left are only for decorative purposes, coated with wax. It is said that having one of those brings good luck and fortune. ._.

After days of asking the tour guide WHEN CAN GO SHOPPING. WHERE TO SHOP. WE WANNA BUY THINGS!!!!! a million times a day since day one tour guide allocated 2 hours for us to shop at the Wongfujin district. Freaking happy to see malls even though I know I can't get shit. Free from all the historical details I give no shit about! And also free from the cold for awhile heh <_<

Couldn't decide to use which picture.

They have Samantha Thavasa in one of the malls <__< Never knew their bags are that pretty! Noticed their bags on gyaru blogs but always find them.. meh. And they are expensive too T__T Look at all the classy pastel things so far away to hold  T___T There were pretty big sales going on at Gap and Zara for their winter clothing clearance but it has definitely has nothing to do with people who go through summer 365 days a year.

 One of the biggest frustrations ever: Half priced Doc Martens. Missed because uncle was too busy at food republic T_T

Oh Doc Martens why must we part again like this for dumplings.
 I don't know what to conclude. Guess I have no fate with shopping. Or maybe it is helping me to save money hmmmm >_<

Went to Wongfujin food street to explore around.

They didn't offer much, as there weren't many stalls around the area. The only thing I tried there was tako balls which I never liked. Wanted to try other things but too shy to ask aunt. :/

 Meh taco balls.

This sums up day 3. Will try to post last day asap.