Thursday, March 28, 2013

Turning tables

Why do I keep neglecting this blog lately -__- I also have been abandoning Maple Story for almost a month wtf ahah

Timeline recently, it shall be.

24/3: Was cow's birthday, also his last day being in KL. Momma tagged along for a threesome LOLOLOL  HAHAHA. Had horrible lunch at Shabu station @ TS. I have noticed the place has been there for many many years so I assume it should be okay as they can survive for so long? O_O  Turns out this is an ideal place to find exotic soup with housefly legs inside. ^^  After my first and definitely my last visit I am not sure if they are just lucky or we were the unlucky ones. Watched Warm Bodies. Still think Twilight is better. No? ._.

25/3: Went to Taylors lakeside campus with momma, SY and their moms. Tagged along because simply bored, and it isn't good to start the first day of long distance relationship staying at home. Changed my outfit 4 times in the morning because it is really intimating to dress up bad to Taylors where you see LV speedys, Mulberry and Prada everywhere. (Bayswater!!! >.< ) In the end I didn't wanna give a fuck and ended up in singlet and shorts -_- Afterall, I don't plan to study there. Just helping out if they are lost.

And they were really kinda lost hahaha. Didn't know what to do, waited dumbly for 20 mins without realizing that it is necessary to register yourself at the computer to meet a counselor. Both of my lovelies have forgotten how to write a form <--- clear that it has been a really long time since they picked up a pen as they actually forgot meaning of words like race, permanent address, nationality, formal education etc.

 Momma having problems because her mom seems more convinced to only let her continue to diploma at this competitive market, where most companies don't just want a diploma, only because she doesn't think that her daughter will be able to handle foundations. Oh well. At least they have the money to pay. @@ Went to momma's house later for hours of empty, purposeless talks lol.

27/3: Today supposed to be cow's first day of class but he overslept wtf. But I am kind of thankful because if he starts today I don't get to wish/motivate him like a mother with a child on the first day AHAH. Has been long since I topped up my phone credit @@

Went to HUKM for tests + health check for national service. Idiot me mistaken the wrong date, tests should be on the 27th NEXT month -_- -facepalm- Tried to make the appointment earlier. It didn't matter, thinking that I can do the full body checkup for NS there but turns out that I can only do it in government clinics because HUKM is semi private. Uncle took me to the clinic but seems like need mom's signature before entering and he doesn't want me to sign myself so... okay then.

Government servants, really? Seems like there is no system for anyone to stick to, everyone makes up their own rules -__- I called the NS office to double confirm if I can go to HUKM and the woman said yes! Ugh -_-

Malaysia boleh.

My beloved senseless family seems to think that ANY type of arthritis/rheumatic disease is as light as a... common cold or some fuck.

 My brain died a little after hearing my uncle saying that any idiot could tell that I am perfectly healthy just by looking at me, since I can walk.

Unfortunately, I don't have JOINT PAIN MOTHERFUCKERS WHY DONT YOU HAVE IT written on my forehead. So.. sorry that I love my privacy and refuse to let you read me. :(


By now you should have noticed that I actually mentioned doing something to my NS documents.

Some day between the missing dates, I found out that if I go to NS = I can go to college. Sounds like a good deal?

I do feel skeptical because if she bails out I am fucking screwed.

What is my choice? You will find out soon.


28/3: Cow's first day of college.

Mom sent me to this government clinic at 10am. After doing a "eye test" which I only need to say out the LARGEST word without my glasses and handed in my urine test, I got neglected for 3 hours, waiting there like a fool.

15 minutes before the clinic closes I was still there waiting wtf. Mom and cat was surprised and decided to wait with me. 

Then mom wanted to see the doctor too.

SHIT. I thought.

But I was wrong. HAHAAH. The doctor said is a standard procedure to delay trainees who are pending for diagnosis because there are no specialists in the camp incase shit happens. 

Mom kept screaming at the doc to put "layak" claiming that she could take me home for tests and diagnosis. 

The doc even asked her to chill because I seem to look less concerned than her even though if I am going wtf. 

The nurses also asked mom to calm down because people do get away with it. LOL. Why people are siding me instead? 

Truthfully, I don't expect that because to many officers even heart disease is nothing to them and will still force the poor kid to go.

Personally I do think that the doctor is quite reasonable, unlike the other government workers who do things only to their liking. She did specify that I can always delay whenever the letter is sent to my house, be it any reason: college/illness. Maybe because of her age I think. (she looks like in her mid 20s - early 30s) The new generation will definitely have something different to say to the previous one. 

But my mom thinks that the malays will never see the importance of continuing their studies because the government will always have opportunities for them and therefore apply it to other races they handle. 

She also thinks that the doc thought that she is forcing me to go. You don't say? Ironic.

Mom wanted to use the previous letter from the idiot doc from my first appointment in HUKM but turns out also ticked delay HAHAHA.

So what are her other plans? Possible that she will just give up like this? Hmmmm

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