Saturday, April 13, 2013


Once again I have abandoned this blog till the state that I think apologizing has became completely meaningless. Is like those abusive husbands who always send their beaten wives flowers but in the end the hitting happens all over again. Haha. It's not that my life is so dull till eating and sleeping are part of the highlight of the day but on the other hand, my time has became pretty occupied as..

I started working.

Money is running alarmingly low, I am close to bankruptcy T___T

Also need to prepare some funds for studies. It would be great if I can start studying this year. Must take measures to reach the miss independent title. Heee.

Currently I am a high speed internet broadband (Unifi) service agent. I have applied many other jobs, such as a tutor, model (ikr) and a shopping assistant. The wee bit unusual jobs replied, I didn't get any offer for promoter. Strange eh. And of course, being a anti make-up midget I did not get any offers to be a showgirl/whatever pretty. Don't know why many friends asked me to consider applying wtf. But yeah have to admit the pay is quite good.

Erm basically I am only earning from the commission I get from my customers. I didn't choose the basic pay because of the time, flexibility and transport issues. Also, personally I think is easier to go to potential customers or even create potential customers instead of waiting for them to come to the booth.

Bits of some interesting moments/places/anything I would like to jot down in this past few days. Credits to Nokia Lumia 710 for the crappy photos.


Went to KL Central initially only to take some documents from my (potential) leader Jason. His partner Kira came along later and asked me to test for a few hours before heading home. Kira actually always have extra shirts in her bag ready for anyone lol so she gave me the company shirt and I put it on to see myself...

looking like a orange baboon/inmate.

First destination: Publika

To have lunch and chill.

Had a 10 mins walk to Solaris, Mount Kiara. Watched them dealing with their customers and RIGHT before I decided to go home it started raining heavily wtf. Got stuck in a terrible jam as the roads near Titiwangsa was flooded -__- But gladly managed to make use of the time to talk to Jason about random things like past and current relationships ahaha.

Found a Hello Kitty touch and go card near Titiwangsa station :3 This shall be my official card now. Muahahaha.


First official day of work!

Venue: Central Market/Chinatown aka Petaling Street

My touch and go has insufficient credit but I tried the kitty card and found out the actual owner has topped up 30 bucks in it. Feel ultra bad for her!

This was the first inn/homestay we went to ask. It looks (and smells) like a freaking zoo. Heard that the owner is Sabahan and he loves the nature so therefore flower vines everywhere, and he also kept 3 guinea pigs, 2 snakes and the two... sea turtles (???) you can see at the pic above. Quite cramp but one unique place to stay haha. Boss is considering upgrading to Unifi but he needs more time to consider.

Kira had some things to do for her car purchase so left Jason and I wondering around streets going hotel by hotel, bars to bars. Awkward encounter: While Jason was convincing the manager at one of the hotels we went I saw a girl dashed out the hotel in ONLY a white shirt. Doesn't look like she was wearing pants cause I saw pink and lace wtf? O_O 10 mins later a guy with blonde mullet came out and paid the fees and so happen we were almost done at that time and when we went downstairs saw the girl was wearing her pinafore as she ran with her mullet head bf. Girl doesn't look any older than 15 so Jason couldn't control and bursted out laughing at her @__@

Ah, kids this days. Haha.

This is by far the prettiest, modern, classiest hotel I have seen in Petaling Street. The hotel is a family business within a father, 2 sons and a daughter in law.


Went to Petaling Street for a short while to get the documents from the hotel I got my first customer and to get confirmation from a home stay nearby.


Wanted to meet a customer at an office in Times Square with Jason and Kira before they head to Genting for a business talk but sadly he wasn't there. (He told Kira we can come anytime, even on weekends)  -___-

PC fair was going on so went to meet Gary who is working for Dell. Plus, I have not seen for almost a year!

Gary's manager wanted him to go for lunch "a bit later" so I made use of the time sending my ring to Swarovski for service and went to a couple of intimidating branded boutiques (even went into the Chanel store lol ) to make myself as a exercise to  reduce the social awkardness -____-

After visiting Prada, Balenciaga, Chanel, Gucci, Ferragamo and other boutiques I don't remember getting brain freezed in Gary was finally set free. Haha

Lunch on him. Hehe.


A "customer" called and told me he will pay me 150 bucks to fuck him.  WHAT?????

Weirdest feeling I've ever had-- felt like laughing but cursed his upper and even future generations at the same time too wtf?

Okay that sums up few days of work. I have more updates but reaaally cbf getting my photos from skydrive. Can't wait for PAY DAAAAYYYYYY. Gary has already warned me countlessly not to splurge until I manage to get my PTPTN loan. HAHA.


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