Monday, March 18, 2013

Behind the scenes-- the making of le cow's 18th birthday.

Stupid me took 2 days to realize that I accidentally posted this draft -__-

Two weeks ago:

Realized that I did not prepare anything for cow's birthday. But at the same time I was confused because he kept telling me that he doesn't like people to celebrate his birthday, yet he told me at least 2 times that he wished I could celebrate him and give him a good surprise.

Couldn't make out my mind what to give. Stupid cow doesn't really tells me what he likes and doesn't. I remembered that he liked Doc Martens boots but after spending so much money on it I wouldn't have enough to pay for my upcoming set of health tests. Momma suggested baking a cake/bunch of cupcakes. That would be a good idea, I thought, because he used to bake for me a lot :D

The first moo's bake: chocolate cake..

Then Nutella cake with almond bits :D

Oreo cheesecake! Had this for a few times hee <3

Nutella cheesecake is also one of my favourites. No picture because pictures from phone camera will ruin this whole row of lip smacking cakes :X

And my favourite of all-- mint chocolate cake. He accidenatlly burnt the chocolate but turns out it gave the curst a very crispy texture :3 mmhmmmm I really miss this >.>

Chosen le ultimate Milo cake from rasberricupcakes. I really like what she bakes and really wanna try it someday, and this seems like a good chance to do so. Plus, the fact that cow loves Milo would add me some plus points. >.<

I have never baked in my life :X Parents had no interest, no oven at home before that, currently I have a microwave oven but I have no idea how to use it as there is no temperature adjustments or any button related to baking and mom threw the oven a million years ago.

But thankfully I have friends who are really kind and helpful <3 Momma and Shinyi both offered me to go to their house to bake if I want to. I wanted to go to momma's place but because of her cranky mom and I don't wanna risk losing the opportunity for her to go out so I chose Shinyi's place instead, since both her and her mom are really, really free people as I am. @__@

18/3 :

Momma couldn't go to SY's house because she had a mock driving test and later she needs to have a college tour with mom -__-

So I will be alone with SY. Awkward, because I am not close to her, but no choice :X

In the morning I went to school first, as SY wanted to take her school entrance deposit. I also need to take my curricular activities record and some MUN certs I have no idea my mom gave to the school. (Praise the Lord, I lost the original ones at home)

Saw my form teacher for 2 years, Cik Rida <3 She gave both of us a hug before rushing to class. Oh, and also king of troll, Mahzar. Oh those days, when he asked if I am pregnant whenever I enter to his class after seeing the chiropractic doctor. -_______-

Went to Taman Midah later for some freaking awesome pork balls and mee and some bakery ingredient store as I can't find half of the ingredients at the supermarket otw to LRT.

Back to Gita Bayu residences... and I shall put some pig magic on whipping an edible cake......

Had SY's maid to supervise the process so I won't burn down their kitchen.

The table was big enough so no mess. HAHA

Followed the insturctions very carefully. Things were going well... the clumsiness did not affect the whole process I think.

Until after I added the buttermilk.

The mixture turned watery instead of thick. Not sure where did I go wrong.... but oh there goes nothing... off to the oven, I really need to try my very best to work it out.

After 40 minutes of baking, the maid shouted from downstairs:


Skeptically went down and to my shock...

What. The. Fuck? It looked more like a pie than a cake O__O everyone was so trilled because it actually "looked nice", especially after topping the cake with cream and berries. However, reality sinks in....

This is what it is actually like, removed from the tin.

-cricket noises-

Then everyone burst into laughter after few seconds of shock.

I panicked a bit but I was really sure that I have to do it again. I won't buy work from someone else on his birthday. His 18th birthday. His first birthday I could celebrate after 10 years.

After much persuasion from SY and her maid... decide to use the cheat way.Still least.....

Used a sponge cake mix, and added milo to the mixture.

Decided to try the condensed milk icing mentioned on the post.

What she said was really true: IT IS FUCKING GOOD.

I went ooh, ahh, ooooohhhhh, laaaaaaaaaaaa for around 5 mins skipping around the kitchen and even licked the mixer clean. It is like icing from icing god. I really can't give a good description, you REALLY have to try it out.

While waited for it to bake, I ate a quarter of a pint of ice cream the family has abandoned.
Made the ganache and it surprisingly turned out successful, after waiting aimlessly for half an hour.

The cake was kinda ugly at first sight because of the dark chocolate I used. It is close to black @_@ Black cake for black cow, hah. @_@ So I added some dcorations I can find in the kitchen.

You really can't go wrong with sprinkles. :D

Could have just uploaded this picture because it looks so dreamy o.o It was an impromtu edit on my phone.

I am done with telling the whole world that I can't bake (yet!!!!) Bye.

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